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Elementary Handbook

The Elementary Student/Parent handbook provides information about processes and rules relating to elementary students. Please read it carefully, and contact the elementary school office if you need any explanations or further information.

We have exceptional staff members in our elementary schools. They work hard to ensure that students feel safe, enjoy learning, feel included, become confident, and learn to meet challenges. We want parents to feel welcome, respected, and heard, as they partner with us in meeting students’ needs. We are constantly engaged in processes to improve our students’ experience and promote their success as lifelong learners.

Parents are welcome to visit their students’ school, but we ask that you make prior arrangements before visiting. We strive to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment, so we have security procedures in place for visitors, including parents. Please understand that while we want parents to feel welcome, we have to be diligent in maintaining security, so we require that visitors stop in the school office and get an identification badge before proceeding into the building.

I am confident your experience with our school will be positive. Thank you for sharing your children with us. They are the focus of our efforts, and we appreciate your confidence in Willmar Public Schools.

View and read the 2023-24 Elementary Handbook or click on the topics below to learn more. 

Elementary Handbook Topics